Todd Linke


Food Station

​Prepare and provide meals for patients and volunteers.

HHAB Trip - Possible  Volunteer Stations

Amanda Anderson


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Register patients. Collect    data on number of patients seen.

Dental Care

Provide dental checkups, cleanings and extractions

Intake Station

Check all the patient vital signs, height and weight.

Clothing Distribution

​Donated clothes are available to families as needed.

Upcoming Trips November 11-13 Trip CANCELED due to COVID-19.


Fill prescriptions ordered by HHAB medical providers.

​​Colonia Nueva Aurora

Christmas Gift Distribution

Donated toys are gifted to children. *Only during the November Trip*

Clinic Locations


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Healing Hearts Across Borders

Medical Care

Provide medical exams and care. *Shadowing is available*

 Healing  Hearts  Across  Borders


Food Distribution

​Fill and distribute bags of rice and beans to families.


Run laboratory tests on blood, urine and feces.

School Supplies Distribution

​School supplies are available to children as needed.

Everyone is welcome to HHAB

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, expertise and geographic locations.  Some volunteers are practicing nurses, physicians, dentists, laboratory technicians and pharmacists.  However, many of our volunteers are undergraduate or medical school students, whereas some have no formal medical training.  They come mainly from the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, but we consistently have volunteers from as far as San Luis Obispo and San Jose, California.  One thing all of our volunteers have in common is a passion for helping those in need.

Colonia Camino Verde