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Volunteer for an upcoming HHAB clinic!

Clinics dates are typically posted 1-2 months in advance. Sign-ups open a month before clinic.

Spanish speakers and those with some medical care experience are prioritized, but anyone over 18 is welcome to sign up!

Please note you must have a valid US passport to attend our clinics.

Clinic Sign Ups

Saturday, June 10th
La Roca & Nueva Aurora

Please note that all volunteers will need to sign a release form and our code of conduct. The forms can found here:

Non -Medical Volunteer Release

Code of Conduct

Medical Volunteer Release

HHAB Clinic Locations

All of our clinics are held in Tijuana, Mexico. The two main locations include La Roca Mens Shelter and Nueva Aurora. As of right now, we are only doing day trips to these locations.

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